What is Macros in Excel?

Do you know Macros? Whenever I’ve asked this question, I got vague interrogative answers – is it of any use to me? Isn’t it too complicated to learn? What is the use of Macros? And wait for the best one – What is that and where do you find them? Well, today I am writing […]

How to write a Blog?

Planning to write a Blog? But not able to start as these questions are scrolling through your head. Where do I start? What should be the subject? What do I say about it? How many words do I use? How do I end? What value addition would enhance my content? It’s perfectly ok to be […]

Top 3 mistakes in Content marketing

Blogging or Content marketing is the key to grow business in today’s era. Eight out of every ten brands have either angaged with some marketing agency or got an in-house team for content marketing. But the question here is what impact is your content having on your brand? If you are already conducting a regular […]

Top 8 tips to enhance your Presentation outlook

“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the Listener receives” – Lily Walters Today’s competitive era is all about how you present yourself – the one who knows the skills, precedes. For instance, if you are an engineer envisaging your project to outshine, it’s your […]

Which application is better? Evernote OR OneNote

Remember using the notepad on your laptop when you suddenly need to jot something amid a call? That was surely an effortless way to note down things instead of struggling to get a notebook. Well, the actual struggle was searching the notes you made a few hours back in a stocky notebook. With evolving technology, […]

Few facts to know about Content Writing

Content writers are individuals who develop professional content for online use. It does not pertain to any particular style of writing. The content can be in the form of blogs, news, articles, or any form of inscribed web material. According to a marketing magazine, content marketing is expected to be a $300 billion industry by […]

How ‘Soft skills’ can help boost your CAREER

What are soft skills? Well, it is the behavior of an individual that helps in socializing well in society. It is a cluster of your individualities, conducts, attitudes and social elegances. It is the personality trait required to develop positive relationships with others. It is the need of the hour which is not realized by […]

Why acquire Excel before moving to Data Science?

Is it important to adapt to Excel before getting into Data Science? Can’t I directly acquire the latest analytics tools? Well, whenever we look for a tool to scrutinize our data, the first thing that strikes is Microsoft Excel. Excel has invariably been the most effective tool until now when it comes to data chunking […]

What makes Digital marketing powerful than traditional marketing?

What does Digital Marketing mean to you? Well, every alternate person encompasses a different answer to this. Digital marketing is simply promoting business on a digital platform utilizing computational tools. The transforming technology is shifting businesses from the standard approach of selling to digital marketing. Let’s understand how Digital marketing is different from ancient marketing. […]

10 things to remember while choosing a Career

“Choose a profession you adore, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Deciding on a career is the most momentous juncture in everybody’s life. It’s not necessary that the decision clicks flawlessly the very first time for everyone. There are times when things don’t evolve the way you have designed. […]