Which application is better? Evernote OR OneNote

Remember using the notepad on your laptop when you suddenly need to jot something amid a call? That was surely an effortless way to note down things instead of struggling to get a notebook. Well, the actual struggle was searching the notes you made a few hours back in a stocky notebook.

With evolving technology, the digital Notebooks came into existence to help us get rid of the fat notebooks and shrink everything on a single digital page.

Few things you can do with Digital Notebooks

  • Type minutes or directly write with a stylus
  • Record Audio
  • Sketch your imagination
  • Import files, images and every possible document used in your daily cores

Apart from the above, you can Find, Pick, Drop, Organize, and Share your pages. Well, there is a lot to explore, you need to get your hands dirty to gain everything about it.

Evernote and OneNote – the best note-taking Applications

We have two strong players in this field – Evernote and MS Office One Note. They are among the best note-taking apps available in the market. Both applications are endowed with tools for capturing notes which can be in the form of images, audio, documents, web pages or just simple typing. Both will allow you to capture, edit, organize, save and share the documents. So, when both offer the same features and are identical by all means, what makes them different from each other?

Let’s have a glance at a few pointers that differentiate these two identical looking applications.

  1. Value for Money: Compared to Evernote, OneNote provides a good range of features and better storage in its Free version. There is no paid version of the OneNote application, the only thing you pay for is the storage expansion.

Evernote is on a higher side in terms of price. Evernote also has the free version but bundled with tons of limitations thus forcing you to buy the paid version.

  1. Web Clipper: Web clipper is a button you can install in your browser, which can be called a shortcut, to save the contents of a web page directly in the application in few easy clicks.

Both Evernote and OneNote have Web Clipper facilities, but Evernote surpasses with its smart features. Evernote offers a     quick preview of the content you are about to save whereas OneNote puts it in the covered panel. The saved output quality is better in Evernote especially in the case of images. One more benefit of Evernote over Notepad is the feature of inserting tags while clipping. Unfortunately, OneNote does offer the tagging facility.

  1. Storage: OneNote stores data in OneDrive by default which means your limits are based on your OneDrive account type. The Free version gives a 5GB storage provision however, you can buy extra storage as per OneDrive schemes.

Whereas in Evernote, you don’t need a secondary server as the data is stored directly in its servers. The free version allows storage of 60MB which is quite ungenerous. Further allotments depend on the type of your account. Evernote doesn’t provide any unlimited storage plans, you have to be contingent on the monthly allowance.

  1. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): OneNote gets an edge in this arena. All the text in the images is searchable and you can also extort text from the images to use it on some other application.

Evernote does have the ability to search text in images but can’t extort text from the images.

  1. Systematizing and Sorting: OneNote does let you drag and drop pages but there are no easy sorting options for quick organization. For instance, if you want your pages to be sorted alphabetically for a quick view, OneNote fails here.

Evernote, on the other hand, gives a systemized sorted view and can be customized as per requirements.

Both OneNote and Evernote have their respective pros and cons. It is just like Comparing Windows with Mac, and trying to identify which one is better? The choice is yours as it depends on your set of applications.

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