What makes Digital marketing powerful than traditional marketing?

What does Digital Marketing mean to you? Well, every alternate person encompasses a different answer to this.

Digital marketing is simply promoting business on a digital platform utilizing computational tools. The transforming technology is shifting businesses from the standard approach of selling to digital marketing.

Let’s understand how Digital marketing is different from ancient marketing.

Traditional marketing is basically advertising products through mediums like newspapers, TV, Radio, magazines, flyers, billboards, tele-calling, direct mail, and so on. On the other hand, Digital marketing uses tools like SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing, video marketing e-mail marketing, to promote your business. Digital marketing is a substitute for traditional marketing being followed for ages.


Does traditional marketing still exist?

Yes, some small-scale businesses that have not adopted the technology or the companies that don’t require a digital platform for their merchandise still follow the traditional way.

Does traditional marketing work in this digital world?

Yes, when properly planned and implemented, it still generates sensible results. But in comparison to digital marketing, the probabilities of traditional marketing obtaining limelight is much less.

How is Digital marketing more powerful than traditional marketing?

Digital marketing is the new trend accepted by the modern generation.

  • The major advantage of digital marketing is the cost factor. Comparatively more cost-efficient and effective, digital marketing provide good tools to measure your output faster and at a better rate. Digital marketing leads to low cost and in-turn high profits.
  • Digital marketing is confined to local whereas Digital marketing helps unfold the business globally.
  • Digital marketing allows you to be directly connected with your customers through various channels which results in a higher level of engagement and interaction between you and the customers.
  • In digital marketing, you can target a specific set of audiences according to your products, which is not possible with traditional marketing. Through digital platforms, you can define your audience with the help of search engines and choose customers according to their interests. This can be possible in the traditional way as well but the penetration level is too less that isn’t enough to convey the desired results.
  • Digital marketing has taken the tracking process to another level. Real-time measurement is possible. You can track your action at every step, follow the movement and accordingly take the next step. This level of tracing is only possible with the new style of marketing.
  • The results in digital marketing are much quicker than the traditional ones. Accurate measurement of returns on investment ensures productivity.
  • Amendments are quick and cheaper. Tweaking at any stage is feasible. Any change in the design, price can be done immediately unlike the traditional one, which needs more time and sometimes turns out to be an extremely costly affair.


Digital marketing is two-way communication and is more productive. It is the best way to convert your old marketing efforts into sales. Get more understandings of digital marketing through our comprehensive course.

Being digital, the competition would be so high that if you don’t maintain the pace with the trend, the competitor surpasses within a blink of an eye.

“Everyone does it; the only difference is how well you do it”

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