Top 7 tech career options of 2019

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The world is changing and so are the career options of the modern era. Career is no longer limited to stereotype jobs. Technology has created a varied range of options available to the youth to choose from. Most of them are creative and interesting, so there holds no reason for you not to like your job.

Let’s discuss a few inspiring and the most demanding career options of this decade. If you are a techie, then these options are going to provoke you to engage yourself in it.

Upskill yourself to get into the most trending jobs of 2019.

Data Analysis: Data is the need of every industry whether it is Education, Finance, IT, Pharmacy or every existing industry. Data Analysis is a process of mining and co-relating data by utilizing your expertise to obtain an output which will help towards the development of the business. A firm hold on mathematics and statistics along with strong visualization and analytics skills will assist you to get into this field easily. A bachelor’s degree sufficed the requirement, but masters would be an added advantage. Online certification courses are available to upskill your knowledge in the most trending subject.

Data Scientist: The job roles of Data Analyst and Data Scientist are almost similar except for the process of analyzing. Data Analysts do more of a descriptive analysis whereas a data scientist is expected to predictive analysis. The extra skills looked for in a data scientist is the programming knowledge with a mandatory master’s degree. Sound knowledge of Python, Java development, SQL, data mining helps in predictive analysis. Knowhow of Implementation of techniques in artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning is required. The remuneration is higher than a data analyst.

Software developer: Programming is the base of any software developer. A software developer has options to choose from developing software or web pages for a company, develop mobile applications which is in huge demand or something more interesting like creating video games or something related to robotics or an artificial intelligence which would be surely the most fascinating one. It is a highly paid creative career for the aspiring ones.

Blockchain developer: Job opportunities in the Blockchain industry have tremendously evolved in the last 2 years. A Blockchain developer builds decentralized applications and utilizes the technology of Blockchain to establish businesses for the users. Hence, it is very important to thoroughly understand the concept which is supposed to be a bit complicated because of its decentralized processes. Understanding of crypto-economics and coding languages like c++, Javascript, C#, GO are the basic requirements of this job. Become a Blockchain pro with our online course.

Drone Manager: If you possess an interest in UAV related careers and looking something in the world of unmanned aviation, then this profile should interest you. Undoubtedly, the most interesting career which requires researching, designing, and operating drone systems. An engineering degree in robotics or aeronautical is the minimum requirement for this job. A highly paid career that would surely put a pride feather on your cap.

Security engineer: A security engineer fulfills a significant role in securing the systems of a company from external threats and prevent malevolent behavior. Due to some recent malicious events, security engineer has become a mandatory need of every organization. It involves designing of security systems to defend the unexpected threats. A security engineer is required to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or cybersecurity.

DevOps engineer: As the name suggests, DevOps engineer works on the DevOps software to collaborate system between the development and operations team. The chief job of a DevOps engineer is to automate and streamline the operation process and troubleshoot issues whenever required. It’s not an easy task as a DevOps engineer is expected to have many skills including coding, infrastructure knowledge, collaboration which will inculcate only with experience. It is an emerging software; hence the career opportunities are yet to be developed.

“Attempt New things because life gets boring if you stay within the limits of what you already know.”

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