Courses to Learn AFTER Engineering

Accomplished Engineering– What next?

You are broadly tangled between these —- Job, Higher studies, Business or start-ups.

Don’t limit your thoughts –think out of the box. Gather genuine information from every possible source to understand what suits you better. Your expertise with hard work will lead you to the path of success.

What are you gazing for?

Ask yourself, what’s more important for you while choosing a career? Is it money, self-satisfaction or something else? Prefer something you would enjoy achieving, not just for the sake of it.

If you are keen on pursuing further education, then the succeeding stage is deciding between Technical andManagement. What entices you?

In technical, you have picks from MTECH, MS, ME and PHD. All of these courses provide you an opportunity to earn while you learn.

M-Tech (Master inTechnology) – This degree will assist you to enhance your technical skills gained in the last few years of engineering. There are various specializations you can choose from which solely depends on your background and fondness. It’s a 3-years course with entrance exams named GATE,JNTU, CET.

ME (Master of Engineering): ME is almost similar to M-tech except the duration is 2 years. GATE, TANCET are the entrances to get into ME.At this place, you have a choice of enhancing your specialized subject.

MS (Master of Science) – MS i sa more research-oriented course including fields like mathematics, computer science, finance, management, and so on. Entrance exams for this course are different as per the university including English proficiency exams like TOFEL/IELTS along with GRE/GMAT.The duration of this course is 3 years.

PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)– It is the uppermost academic qualification in engineering. If you are keen towards research and development then doing PHD will escort you in the promising direction. You can also opt for teaching post PHD. The duration is between 3 to 9years.

If you represent a business-minded person and management fascinates you, then MBA is meant for you.

MBA (Master of Business Administration) – As the name suggests, it is building a career in business and management. Unlike MS and M-tech which are more technical oriented, this is more towards business and people management. MBA can be done in various specializations like accounting, finance, HR, economics, marketing, operations, IT and so forth. The average duration is 2 years. Entrance exams for MBA are CAT/GMAT. Engineering with MBA is your entry to success in the corporate world.

Now let’s think Out of the Box because “Out of limitations comes creativity.”

Sharpen your Axe by acquiring additional skills!

Let’s identify some degrees which can be acquired to enhance your resume and in-turn increase the probability of approaching anadmirable job.

Sometimes, there comes a stage where you don’t feel interested in the monotonous technical kinds of stuff you have been learning and doing for years. It’s never late to do the right things, look for courses that link to your skills in some way or another. It can be in the field of marketing, finance, research or anything else that fascinates you.

Data scientist: Technologies are all inter-related so don’t hesitate if you want to get into the analytics industry after engineering. A software engineer has ample scope in the analytics field.  You can exploit your coding techniques and create wonders in the world of Analytics.

DevOps: DevOps is nothing but software development strategy used to collaborate the development and operations team to works towards automation and improve productivity. There are many gaps between the development and operations team which is resolved with the help of DevOps. An automated release with continuous feedback makes achieving targets easy. DevOps is the future technology.

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Agile Software Development: It’s a project methodology used in software development. It helps the team to work towards anticipatory malfunctioning of software during the development cycle to ensure timely completion. Scrum is the framework used in Agile software development. Undoubtedly, it has a tremendous scope in Process Automa.

Blockchain: Have you started gaining interest in currencies lately? Then discover the methodology of Blockchain through our online courses.Blockchain is a technology that enables moving digital currencies from one individual to another. Certainly, an interesting skill to attain splendid prospects.

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“Ordinary people takethe right decisions, but legends take decisions and make it Right.”

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