6 things to know BEFORE acquiring Graphic Designing

Graphic means Visual which involves Art, Imagination, and Expression!

Graphic designing is nothing but jotting your creativity on a canvas and broadcasting messages through visual communication.

What does a Graphic designer do?

The work cycle of a Graphic designer revolves around 4 processes — Research ⇒ Think ⇒ Imagine ⇒Develop

The job of a graphic designer is to tell the story in a perceptible way through pictorial expression.

Graphic designing is not merely generating a logo or poster; it is the skill of organizing and presenting information through a creative process typically for dedicated events. It’s not a profession that can be imposed on you, it is the artist in you who entices you to get into this imaginative profession.

Why is Graphic designing substantial for any business?

Advertisement is the necessity of any industry to sustain in this competitive world. And in marketing, ‘what people see is what sells.’ Creative designs are the medium used to make brands evident to the consumers. A graphic designer enacts a significant role in any business as it is, he who fosters that initial impression of the product on the customer.

What is Graphic designing all about?

Graphic designing is kindling imagination to Life. The combination of graphic elements and principles of design gives rise to a graceful visual output.

Before moving ahead, let’s unravel the terms visual elements and principles of design? Elements are the gears used and design is something that decides the look of your creative.

There are seven fundamental visual elements in Graphic design

Line – Texture – Form – Colour – Shape – Space – Typography

And 8 key principles of design

Alignment – Hierarchy – Contrast – Balance – Proximity – Simplicity – Repetition – Function

Why opt for Graphic designing as a career?

Graphic designing is an extremely creative and interesting career to pursue. It is the most fascinating job around which would never let you get jaded of your work. It’s a profession where you are being paid to be creative. It’s the most competitive career across, which means you need to have those extra factors to stand out of the crowd.

Like any other career, it is very edifying as every project will compel you to go through many pieces of researches and add on new things to your information basket. Graphic design is diverse which offers various mediums to employ your talent. No other industry allows you to express to the fullest unlike designing where you can be extremely expressive with no restrictions on the use of resources.

Undoubtedly, it needs a lot of focus and mental hard work, but when you cherish it, you will never endure the pain. Believe me, nothing beats the satisfaction when you are capable of portraying your imagination in a framed manner.

The completion of every project adds a hat of pride on your portfolio which can be showcased as a talent in future prospects.

What are the challenges in this career?

It’s not easy. It’s equally challenging as the job of a coding engineer where you have to solve the problem applying all your expertise to obtain the desired output. The reward is truly fruitful as you get OUT what you put IN. Very few careers in the industry are rewarding like this one, as every good project gains an appreciation because it gets noticed.

It’s not a 9 to 5 job, it’s mostly a project-based job where no excuse on deadlines is accepted. You need to be prepared to toil those extra hours.

Not all fingers are the same in length. Similarly, every client will not perceive the same psychology. Not every client will agree with your ideas; you need to prepare yourself to handle them in an appropriate manner.

What are the diverse options in the career of designing?

Job opportunities are vast in designing which include the fields of Advertising, Branding, Web design, Paper Engineering, Motion graphics, Infographics, Signage, Digital Art and many more. It is the career that provides for you options to select from Inhouse, Agency or Studio designing. This profile provides an enormous opportunity to work as a freelancer.

Let your intelligence have fun through Creativity. Acquire the skills of Graphic design through the short-term online course without affecting your roster and adore those extra earnings as a Freelancer.

“Great designs are an amalgamation of simplicity and clarity”

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