SAS vs. R vs. Python – Your preference for 2019

One of the most frequently enquired question, our trainers have faced recently about “analysts’ circle” is that, ‘IS SAS REALLY DYING?’, annually conducts the most popular tool among data scientists and analysts. Well, we’ll admit, the findings are much interesting and exciting for critiques like us!

Bring on the Winners with a loud bang, please!!

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As you can see from the 5-year trend above, Python has been making strong gains since its inclusion in 2016, and this trend was noticeable in nearly every category that we track.

A very interesting finding is represented below:

Open source tools like R and Python are overwhelmingly favoured by professionals with 5 or less years’ experience. While SAS continues to see strong support among professionals with 16 or more years’ experience, Python made noticeable gains here as well. Those with 6-15 years’ experience slightly favour R, but levels of support are within 5 percentage points among all the tools.

So, what’s the inference?? I would say, Python > SAS > R.

SAS first, Python second

SAS is the tool for me (banking).

I prefer Python for most data science work, but R for making visualisations.

I prefer to use R for statistical analysis and then Python.

Also, I think a very important derivation is that as data scientists we cannot limit ourselves to one single domain, you gotto know this, but hey, you, absolutely HAVE to know that!!

Let us know your thoughts on the momentarily young topic – SAS Vs R Vs Python!!

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