Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid at Workplace

This one is a done to death topic, but still why does it happen that in actual day-to-day mundane routine work life, a lot of us still struggle with “Where did I go wrong??”

Actually, a lot of times, it so happens that something that we tend to do at a more instinctive level is perceived at a more professional level – mostly, by people who really shouldn’t! Can’t help it! Call it the perils of competitive, professional world! So, where is the salvation? As a monk who sold her Ferrari, I can only tell you something, what you already know! Yes, just AVOID them. DO NOT DO it, simple, isn’t it? But the question still remain the same – How does one realise BEFORE that what you’re about to do may be a grave mistake? Lemme provide you some directional advice there. So, this may not be a comprehensive list, but it may be a good ground to begin with.

  1. GET PERSONAL WITH YOUR BOSS – Your boss, is your boss! Don’t ever make the mistake of being “friends” with him/her. You may have gem of a person as boss and a mentor, but maintain the professional distance. A personal equation may be a good short-term strategy, but in a long term, you may never know when it will backfire!
  2. GOSSIP – The biggest and sweetest indulgence, but evil, nonetheless! It’s so easy to fall in the trap. But, let’s face it every workplace has a grapevine which starts from canteen, chaiwala, suttawala or washoom. Be wary of these places and have your guards on when you’re here. Negative or loose gossip, no matter done in however light vein can come to reflect bad on your professional maturity and create a bad image.
  3. DISCUSSING YOUR PERSONAL ASSETS – It’s no crime, except that most of the time, your workplace is cramming with narcissist people who may take your “discussion” as a sign of “show-off”. While it’s ok to discuss the “how-to-invest”, “how-to-save-tax” etc, don’t ever make it a “how much”. Why, you ask? Grapevine, of course!
  4. NEGATIVE BODY LANGUAGE – This one is no secret. Negative body language like slouching in your seat, rolling your eyes in a meeting, sitting without a paper and pencil/pen during discussions, talking with your arms crossed etc will give seriously negative vibes to your bosses and counterparts. In addition, avoid using your social media handles in office as much as possible.
  5. DOING OVERTIME OR UNDER-TIME – While doing less office-time is of course seen as a sure-shot sign of inefficiency, doing over-time may be seen as a sign of too desperate an effort to outshine yourself. A good thumb rule is to observe the time your boss leave the office and follow the same plus 15 minutes unless it falls in weird time zones. In which case, you can take up the issue with them lightly and mention about the time routine you wish to follow, but ensure that the topic is touched upon in seeking-advice kind of tone.

Your workplace may be a wonderful paradise which may seem to be politics-free, running on merit, but its still good to follow some basic professional practices, they go a long way is establishing your personal brand as a thorough professional.

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