Why choose Data Science as a career?

Data Science is the new buzz word for youngsters approaching towards planning their careers. But is Data science really an emerging career? And if Yes, how long will it be? If these questions are arising as a hindrance to your career decision, then you are reading the right blog. Here, we are discussing the development of Data science in the last few years and what are the probabilities of it staying in the trend in upcoming times.

Data science is undoubtedly a career to look for if you have an interest in the said field. It all started in the year 2016 when Data scientist was the best job in the market and then there is no looking back as the job opportunities for Data scientist have been rising year on year. The remuneration for Data scientists vary according to the candidate’s experience and knowledge, but even the lowest grade has a good take home. So, there is nothing to lose even if you attained the basics of it as you have a long way to go. Certainly, Data Scientist has become the dream job of this decade.

Where is Data science applied?

The Data-driven decision is extensively increasing in all businesses. Data mining is the need of the hour and any business not implementing the skills in their business, have chances of getting surpassed by their competitors. Data Science is used in almost every sector including Finance, Health, Education, Human Resource, Ecommerce, Social Media, and every possible industry where data remains the base.

Why Data Science

Why is Data scientist requirements growing in the market?

It follows the basic law of economics where the demand increases when supply goes low. Similarly, the demand for Data Scientists is rising tremendously because of the low supply of justifying contenders.

Will the demand for Data scientists be the same a few years later?

Well, predicting the same can be a bit difficult. Let’s understand this with an example. A few years ago, when computer science came into trend, the supply was very less making the demand for the computer science industry reach the peak. With time, people gained relevant knowledge and started entering the computer science industry. The salaries were way too high for the deserving candidates. But as people started catching up with the trend, the supply for programmers, web developers increased which lead to a fall in the demand. Every third person wanted to be in the computer science field and this started affecting the remuneration section to some extent.

The same thing is happening with Data science currently. The demand is really high due to less awareness and the right kind of edification. It will take time for supply to meet the demand ratio which means you have a good scope in years to come.

How can I acquire Data science?

Data science is still new in the market, hence very few educational programs are available for Data scientists. But with Irizpro, you don’t need to worry about it. We have professional trainers to upskill your knowledge in the advanced Data science program and make you ready for the trend. The best part of this course is you can acquire it without affecting your routine within the comfort of your home. Check out the online course details for more insights.


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