Top 5 trending technologies of 2020

Technology is the new teacher leading the world towards transformation for the past few years. Well, it cannot beat the human imagination but can create wonders when they come in collaboration with each other. We have witnessed a huge development in technology since the last decade with the introduction of many powerful technologies. Let’s have a glance at the top five trending technologies of 2020.

These are the in-demand technologies providing wide opportunities for a promising future. In fact, these skills can get you in the highly paid recruits list. All you need is the right genre of skills with a proper guide to lead you to the right path.

Big Data

This technology introduced in 2012 is still emerging and one of the most trending technologies of 2020. With the expansion of mobile internet, a huge amount of data is getting generated which is giving rise to the practice of Big data that handles high volume and unstructured data. In simpler terms, Big Data means a huge amount of data that cannot be stored in the local server and needs cloud storage that too at a faster process rate.

Popular networking sites are the best examples to understand the concept of Big Data as they receive big amount of data every day which needs processing and storing at a more accelerated rate and the traditional computing system is not capable of delivering the same. These facts about Big Data will prove its significance in the trending era.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a new way of driving innovation and delivering new applications and services. It simply means storing and accessing data over the internet. Cloud offers the ability to bring new services to clients more efficiently and at a lower cost. The most promising companies in cloud computing are Amazon web services, Microsoft assure, IBM cloud services, and Google cloud platform. The best example of cloud computing is the TOT services which has been your best time killer during this pandemic.

What is Cognitive cloud computing?

Cognitive cloud computing uses self-learning technology for data mining, pattern recognition, natural language and simulation which is similar to the working of a human brain. According to a report, this technology is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.5% by 2025. Many big companies have already invested in this technology to keep up with the trend.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence allows us to use principles of machine learning to create computer models to solve problems in real-time. According to Gartner, many leading companies are starting to apply this technology to take their businesses to another level. However, developing a private AI is not an affordable affair for many which leads to using AI as a service. This means approaching big AI companies to provide the AI service through their cloud platforms. In this process, the AI vendor provides the required infrastructure and algorithms to the companies to administer their machine learning. AI as a service is the latest trend and creates a good number of opportunities for the deserving.

If that appeals to you, a beginner’s course can help you get into this world of the top trending technology.

Business Analytics

The analytics market is observing a massive transformation with evolving technology including automation, cloud computing, AI, Big data, and other technology developing at a very brisk pace. The root of analytics is data and every industry now have an abundance of data used for various section of the organization. With evolving technology, mining data has started fitting the budget of many, thus giving rise to ample opportunities to the expertise to use the technology to work towards the betterment of the organization.


Programming is the base of Information Technology and will always progress with evolving technology which means your knowledge will never be out of fashion. Programing is an ocean where you get a varied range of options to do as a programmer. If you like solving complex problems, programming is for you.

There is a list of languages that you can attain in your programming course but if you want to grasp it in a short tenure, go for the top languages in demand that will aid you in linking with the trending career of 2020. Learn trending programming courses from our experts.

Did you notice something? All these technologies are interlinked with each other preparing for the most trending career of 2020. So, it’s all about where you plan to begin because ultimately you will end up learning everything as you progress in life.


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