10 tips to develop SEO friendly content

Writing is talking your heart out without getting interrupted. It’s not mere storytelling, but the way you frame the story to make it interesting to the reader. But what if your content is not reaching the target audience? All your efforts in making great content go in vain.

Writing the best content but not getting recognized in the search engine? Don’t worry – this happens to many writers who have a firm hold on writing but don’t get exposure in the search engine. Learn from the experts to be the master of your profession. Upskill yourself with the latest tools of content writing with our comprehensive course.

Let’s look at some pointers that should be taken into consideration during the process of content writing to get the best optimization.

  1. Content length: Don’t write very small articles. An article should contain at least 300 words to obtain the SEO sanction. That doesn’t mean you merely write 300 words and stop. This won’t deliver the kind of engagement you are expecting from the readers. You have to fabricate stories and keep the reader engaged with your article enticing him to read more.
  1. Employ the Keywords rationally: Set a focus keyword and utilize it wisely. Ensure the keyword is included in the title and if you can start the title with the keyword; nothing like it. The introductory and concluding paragraph of your article should possess the keywords. Highlight your focus keywords in bold.
  1. Meta description: Write the purpose of your content in the meta description as it grabs the attention of the reader forcing him to open the link to know more about it.
  1. Break it into paragraphs: Divide your content into different paragraphs. Starting with the introduction of your topic, followed by a description and the conclusion. Add bullet points to strengthen your paragraphs. Also, make sure your paragraphs are not too long and try to keep a maximum of 90 words in each paragraph.
  1. Use Passive cautiously: Avoid using passive voice in your sentences. The maximum recommendation of passive voice sentences in any content is 10%. Try writing maximum sentences in the active voice so you can utilize the 10% limit sensibly.
  1. Make small sentences: Keep your sentences short and to the point. None of your sentences should exceed 20 words. Lengthier sentences are difficult to read and will increase the bounce rate for your page. If you find some sentences are going beyond the said limit, don’t panic because you have a buffer of 25%. You should use the buffer wisely to ensure your long sentences ratio does not cross the mentioned limit.
  1. Make it Readable: Don’t try to make your content look sophisticated by employing complex words. Keep it simple. Ensure to make a 9th-grade readability content. Use bullets to highlight your pointers.
  1. Groom your content with headings: Employing headings and subheadings increases the readability score of your content. A maximum of 300 words is allowed between each heading.
  1. Link it up: Use links to connect your readers to the respective pages. Outbound links increase your chances of optimization in the search engine. Moreover, you can ask for backlinks to promote your platform. Internal links also matter a lot to keep your readers connected to your platform for a longer time.
  1. Let the picture speak: Use appropriate images to describe your content. Don’t forget to mention the focus keyword in the image Alt text.

So next time you write an article, don’t forget to pass your content through these pointers. You can use free online tools to evaluate your content for better optimization.


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