What makes Digital marketing powerful than traditional marketing?

What does Digital Marketing mean to you? Well, every alternate person encompasses a different answer to this. Digital marketing is simply promoting business on a digital platform utilizing computational tools. The transforming technology is shifting businesses from the standard approach of selling to digital marketing. Let’s understand how Digital marketing is different from ancient marketing. […]

Blockchain basics that will force you to learn more about it!

Blockchain is the new buzzword – Everyone’s talking about it. But very few gain the exact lucidity of the concept. Let’s understand this complicated technology in a simpler format in this blog. The Internet has reformed our world by decentralizing information and Blockchain is the best example of this reformation. In simpler words, it is […]

Top 7 tech career options of 2019

Realize what you love, make it your career and become what you believe! The world is changing and so are the career options of the modern era. Career is no longer limited to stereotype jobs. Technology has created a varied range of options available to the youth to choose from. Most of them are creative […]

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