How to Prepare for a Power BI Interview

Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool developed by Microsoft in 2013 that blends several add-ons of Excel to build a new and completely independent BI tool. Once you have established reports using Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View, you can discuss your comprehensions with your colleagues. This is where Power BI enters the […]

An Overview of Power BI Chart Types

Have you ever struggled for using the right kind of data visualization tool for your data set? Well, if you are thinking about how that matters, it does. The right data visualization tool will boost the impact of storytelling with more comprehendible data thus helping in decision making. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are […]

5 Reasons why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Move

Companies are continuously evaluating technological trends to determine how they can push to achieve and surpass, their goals. One such recent trend is the use of big data analytics, and its scope is astounding. Today, almost every company, no matter what domain is, they are using the same in order to collect and preserve whatever […]

Difference Between Power BI and Tableau

The present and future world is all about data. The world of data visualization and analytics is moving fast with new players hitting the market every day. When it comes to Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools, the two names that one could think of would be Power BI and Tableau. Power BI and Tableau are undoubtedly the […]

How to become a Data Scientist – A 10 point checklist

The buzzword today and a highly lucrative career option – Data Scientist. A data scientist is a highly coveted professional with advanced skills in data tech. Usually, you find people with MS/Phd degree who’d be recognized in the industry as Data Scientists. At the same time, in the ever evolving and dynamic world of data, […]

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