Learn the VBA Basics to speed up your Excel task

Are you having difficulty in doing your repetitive and routine tasks on Excel? Do you want a particular document to trigger the user for input when it opens? Do you want to reduce the formulas burden used in Excel reports? You can perform these tasks and accomplish a great deal more by using Visual Basic […]

Tips for Data Visualization using MS Excel

Presenting an Excel sheet in a meeting turns out to be a boring affair at times, isn’t it? What if you can present your old excel sheet in a communicative way?  Visualizing data is the first step in making sense out of data. And you would be surprised to know the various visualization tools your […]

What is Macros in Excel?

Do you know Macros? Whenever I’ve asked this question, I got vague interrogative answers – is it of any use to me? Isn’t it too complicated to learn? What is the use of Macros? And wait for the best one – What is that and where do you find them? Well, today I am writing […]

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