An Overview of Power BI Chart Types

Have you ever struggled for using the right kind of data visualization tool for your data set? Well, if you are thinking about how that matters, it does. The right data visualization tool will boost the impact of storytelling with more comprehendible data thus helping in decision making. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are […]

5 Reasons why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Move

Companies are continuously evaluating technological trends to determine how they can push to achieve and surpass, their goals. One such recent trend is the use of big data analytics, and its scope is astounding. Today, almost every company, no matter what domain is, they are using the same in order to collect and preserve whatever […]

How to create a QlikView Dashboard

With data being the crux of every business, data visualization remains the fastest evolving areas in Analytics and Data Science. With data increasing by the second, we need people who can not only visualize a huge amount of data but also communicate data-based stories to their customers. QlikView is one of the top business intelligence […]

Difference Between Power BI and Tableau

The present and future world is all about data. The world of data visualization and analytics is moving fast with new players hitting the market every day. When it comes to Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools, the two names that one could think of would be Power BI and Tableau. Power BI and Tableau are undoubtedly the […]

Top Trending tools required to become an Excel Expert

Whether you foresee yourself as a Data Analyst or you want to learn a new skill to leverage your work, learning data visualization with Excel Advanced tools and formulas is something you should check out. Developing Advanced Excel skills is a powerful way to start analyzing data as professionals do. It is a fun and […]

Tips for Data Visualization using MS Excel

Presenting an Excel sheet in a meeting turns out to be a boring affair at times, isn’t it? What if you can present your old excel sheet in a communicative way?  Visualizing data is the first step in making sense out of data. And you would be surprised to know the various visualization tools your […]

How Data Aggregation in Tableau enhances visualization procedure

Tableau has been the most promising tool when it comes to data visualization. Visualization is all about presenting data in different forms which makes aggregation an important feature to get along. Let’s grasp some insights on data aggregation in Tableau in the following paragraphs. What is Data Aggregation? Data Aggregation refers to numerical or non-numerical […]

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