How to become a Business Analyst with Tableau

In today’s digital world, businesses are enveloped in data leading to the creation of an overwhelming amount of data each day. To make the business profitable, you will need methods and tools to identify problems and make smarter decisions. This will happen only when you convert your data into actionable insights. For that, you need […]

How to become a Data Scientist – A 10 point checklist

The buzzword today and a highly lucrative career option – Data Scientist. A data scientist is a highly coveted professional with advanced skills in data tech. Usually, you find people with MS/Phd degree who’d be recognized in the industry as Data Scientists. At the same time, in the ever evolving and dynamic world of data, […]

SAS vs. R vs. Python – Your preference for 2019

One of the most frequently enquired question, our trainers have faced recently about “analysts’ circle” is that, ‘IS SAS REALLY DYING?’, annually conducts the most popular tool among data scientists and analysts. Well, we’ll admit, the findings are much interesting and exciting for critiques like us! Bring on the Winners with a loud bang, […]

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