Business Acumen Enhancement Training

We define Business Acumen as a comprehensive and practical understanding of the system by which a company executes its strategy in order to attain its goals and objectives. 

Business acumen entails a complete awareness of the “levers” that build, position, and deliver a value offer to customers, as well as how profit, cash flow, and shareholder value are used to gauge success.

How do we upskill your employees?

The Power Booster Leadership Training

Why is it that great leaders are so hard to come by? It’s not because most executives aren’t capable of leading. It’s just that most managers aren’t given the support they require before being assigned to leadership positions. 

Managers require information on how to develop their capability to accomplish their organization’s goals in order to be consistent with the visions, values, and strategies of most organisations. 

How do we upskill your employees?

The New Age Digital Branding

We live in the age of digital brand engagement, when brands must engage in a two-way discussion with their customers and inspire them to do so.

This course will teach your employees about this transition and how it has influenced how brands connect with their customers. They learn about the difficulties of managing a digital brand, as well as how rich and captivating content, paired with digital distribution, are critical to brand engagement.

How do we upskill your employees?

Professional Excellence with MS Office Expertise

Knowing simply the fundamentals of Microsoft Office will not set you apart in the job market, and exercising only half of the functions in MS Office will not help you develop your career.

Open any job posting and you’ll see that Microsoft Office proficiency is stated under needed skills and qualifications for all positions. In fact, one of the top three talents sought by companies is MS Office fluency. 

Whether you’re seeking for a job in Business Accounting, Office Administration, Project Administration, Sales, or Insurance Advisory, knowing how to use Microsoft Office programmes is a must in today’s employment market.

How do we upskill your employees?

Data Handling skills for professionals

Data handling is the process of collecting, recording, and presenting data in a way that is useful to others, such as graphs or charts.

Handling data efficiently on the Internet may not be the cup of tea for every individual working around for all those organisations pushing forward with digitalization. Though it may appear to be an undervalued ability, inefficient online data usage and handling can be disastrous for departments such as sales and HR.

As a result, there is never a wrong time to learn and adopt the best data management practises for your workforce.

Analytical Skills development Program

Analytical skills are the abilities to gather, evaluate, and draw conclusions from data in order to solve problems and make sound judgments.

Nearly one in every four individuals in today’s workforce has a job where analytical skills are the most significant aspect. Companies want to hire for these talents because they demonstrate a candidate’s ability to think logically and make decisions based on evidence. Indeed, discovered the most in-demand abilities for employers, and numerous analytical skills are at the top of the list.

How do we upskill your employees?

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