Many corporations today aren’t able to innovate and advance in a way that heightens their competitiveness. Why?
Organizations today suffer from a skills gap.This means companies have to train, retrain, and jointly educate employees and managers in order to grow.
Interestingly, the reason these organizations struggle to foster an optimally-skilled team isn’t for their lack of training programs or half-hearted implementation of them but the training itineraries are not guided by specific goals.
Therefore IRIZPRO’s primary objective is to

  • plan training seminars and workshops that are tailored to the individual aspects of a company’s short-term and long-term goals
  • impart practical learning by doing not just by listening
  • provide useful case-studies, tools and templates that can be taken back to work place and used, this way the training stays with the employee
  • establish a support system in which trainers are highly accessible to employees, when encountering any difficulties

Our vision is not to be only a one time training provider but to become a high- functioning and trusted training partner of choice for organizations and together bridge the existing skills gap

Our In-House Area of Expertise

Analytics and Data Science

Soft Skills Training

Digital Marketing

Campus Training Programmes

Sales Training

Short-term Pro Courses

Our Trainers Mode of Delivery

Virtual classroom Training

Live Workshops

Corporate Training

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