Induction Training: What and Why Is It Important for Any IT Company

Before moving any further in understanding the importance of induction training for your organization, let’s first get into the facts and figures that speak about the significance of induction training.

  • Companies with an induction program have a 50% higher new hire retention rate.
  • 35 % of successful businesses will start an induction strategy before the first day.
  • Only 37% of companies continue their induction programs after the first month.
  • A by 82 %.A well-organized employee induction program can increase staff retention.
  • A powerful induction process can increase output by more than 70%.
  • 58 % believe their system is overly paperwork-focused, and 88 % still have weak induction programs
  • 91 % of first-year employees were retained by companies with engaging induction programs.
  • Individual employee performance can increase by 11.5 % from induction programs.
  • The induction of current employees, contractors, and tourists is perceived by 81 % of firms as being equally significant to that of new hires.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that employee attrition rate is directly influenced by induction training. Delivering an efficient induction training program to new hires should be the organization’s top priority because employee training is crucial for the business.

Let’s now explore what induction training is and its benefits from the viewpoints of the company and the new employee.

What is Induction Training?

The idea behind induction training is to give newly hired employees in the company instruction so that they will be a valuable addition to them. Companies execute these training programs based on the size of the company, the complexity level of the task assigned to the employees, and other factors.

The main goal of induction training is to familiarise new hires with the organization’s systems and practices and help them become part of the team. New hires benefit from orientation training, which makes them feel at home in their new workplace and allows them to adjust more quickly.

Benefits of Effective Induction Training for the Organization

1. Saves plenty of time and money

The employee’s basic training program after joining the company is called induction training. He receives all the information required to begin carrying out his responsibilities during induction training. The firm can save a ton of money and time if an employee is given adequate training during the induction program so that he can soon start generating results.

2. Lowers employee turnover

People have a lot of expectations when they join a company, but they also have a lot of questions about it. During the initial training, all of these questions will be addressed. New hires who get ineffective induction are uncertain about their jobs. If workers are not adequately taught, they may feel irritated and powerless. On the other side, efficient induction training significantly lowers employee turnover and enhances staff retention.

3. Promotes operational effectiveness

A solid induction training program comprehensively goes through every facet of the business. It aids in acquainting new employees with the workplace culture, vision, mission, and objectives of the company. New hires also comprehend their part in helping the organization achieve its objectives. Employee productivity will increase swiftly as a result, as they become accustomed to the workplace atmosphere and become more invested in their work. Overall, it significantly improves the organization’s operational effectiveness.

Benefits of comprehensive induction training for new employees


1. Creates a sense of respect and worth for the new employee

A positive welcome and an emphasis on answering all of the employee’s questions about the company and his job are provided by proper induction training. It makes sure the new hire is at ease working for the company. Additionally, he gets the impression that he is cherished, respected, and welcomed. This tremendously inspires the new employee.

2. Specifies the needed information

A thorough induction training program outlines the organization’s expectations for the new hire and assists him in learning what he needs to know about the business. This enables him to quickly adjust to the work environment by helping him understand the organization’s culture, work standards, regulations, and procedures.

3. Helps in fostering effective communication

The new employee can establish effective communication with the company with the aid of induction training. The new employee is introduced to his immediate supervisor, other employees, leads, and directors of the company as part of the induction training program. He feels more at ease when he must later communicate with them because of this.

4. Sets the Expectations from the Employees

During induction, new hires can get to know the rest of the staff and the management team, socialize, and begin forming relationships. Additionally, induction makes ensuring that new employees are aware of the policies, expectations for employees, and code of conduct.

5. Trains the new hires with the proper technical aspects

Induction training provides the new hires with the proper core technical skills required for/her designation. It also provides them with the required soft skills training and other on-job skills like presentation skills, Email writing, Assertive communication, etc, which are considered of utmost importance while dealing with clients and with teammates in the current remote working infrastructure.

What Do You Think?

The new employee’s induction training is their first formal contact with the management of the business. The time invested at this point with the newcomers pays off in the long run with increased output, disciplined behaviour, and fewer accidents. Additionally, it gives you the chance to learn from the prior experiences of newcomers, which could be useful if applied to your organization.

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