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How Training Programs Help Employee Retention

employee retention through best corporate training programs

The Great Resignation of 2021 has given a shocker for many of the Employers against their Working Culture. Many are best known for their working environment, though there were low retention rates observed during the COVID wave.

Though multiple other reasons contributed to the huge Employee resignations in various sectors, Studies have shown that High Workload and Low Career Growth have been the major aspects behind the cause.

What do Employees Need?

  1. Career Growth and Consistent Learning curve
  2. A Reasonable PayScale for their Role
  3. Flexibility and Balance
  4. Recognition and Appreciation
  5. Culture and values

In most cases, Employees leaving the company can be due to the lack of any of the above-mentioned reasons.

With that being said, Career Growth/ Learning Curve is one such major aspect to be taken into consideration, to analyse why your Employees are leaving the organization.

Roughly around 55% of Employees consider Career Growth more important than Salary.

And why should you be worried about Employee retention anyways?

Because it either directly or indirectly affects your business objectives and can oppose your growth constraints in very pretty unpredictable ways. If you want to run your Business like a Marathon amidst this Cutting-Edge competitive Market, retaining your Talent should be one of your primary Business Objectives.

Employee Retention = Employer’s Steep Growing Curve

Establishing a Culture of Learning

Every great Business invests in Training Program because their Employees are their Assets and the Employees performance has a direct impact on the performance of the Organization. There are many schemes that many organizations come up with in to provide and promote their Employee’s Welfare such as financial schemes and Medical Schemes, but a very few of them take care of the Personal and Professional growth of their Employee under the term of “Corporate Training”.

Sometimes, Employee welfare is also about providing them better career opportunities and providing them with the learning alongside Working. This needs you to implement the Culture of Corporate Training Programs according to the needs and feedback from your Employees.

Some Major-Tech Giants and Long-term players of the industry have included and understood how important and impactful, Corporate Training Programs can be. And likewise, they always make sure that their Employees are served with the necessary Training Programs according to their Interests. Although this doesn’t mean that every Corporate Training Program serves the purpose successfully.

Studying the Impact is more important than just implementation.

So here, the question to be pondered is how to choose The Best Corporate Training Program for your Organization.

When a company implements and improves its training programmes, it makes employees feel more professional. They are empowered and confident in their ability to do any work that is assigned to them. The relationship between management and employees is also improved by empowerment through training. As a result of all of these new advancements, the company’s retention rates have increased.

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