How important is it to learn SAS for any programmer?

Looking for a career in Analytics but not yet put your hands into programming? Then SAS is all you need!

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System and the term says it all. SAS is a prominent tool in the world of analytics – it is the Jack of all programming languages. SAS is one of the oldest tools in the market and as the saying goes “Old is Gold”. And this gold is also a costly affair for any company to implement in their system but it’s all worth it as it stands ahead of almost all the tools available in the market. 6 out of every 10 multi-national companies use SAS in their system in one form or the other.

Now let’s see why is SAS superior to other trades:

One-man army – SAS is capable of doing almost everything which includes Data cleaning, Data manipulation, Analysis, Report generation, Statistical calculations.

Ease of Learning – It is the easiest programming language across and if you know SQL, then you are half-way there. Check out the best, online, live, instructor led programme in SAS by Irizpro here.

Free for Beginners – Basic learning can be done at no cost. However, all good things come at a cost, so need to spend some penny to get the best out of it.

Support from the source – Stuck up? Expert programmers around the globe are available 24/7 for the assistance.

Great tools – SAS has nearly 200 components to work on which totally depends on the application of the job.

Job prospects – SAS certified? Don’t think, be confident and jump into the ocean of opportunities.

This Jack looks interesting, isn’t it? But now, your mind will be full of apprehensions on what next? Let’s answer some queries and make it easy for you to take quick decision.

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I am not from a programming background; Will I be able to clear it?  Is it difficult to learn?

There is always a first time for everything and it’s our job to it familiar to you. Nothing is difficult if one wants it.

What are the steps involved in SAS learning?

SAS course is basically divided into 3 basic parts – Reading data, working with data & Explanatory Data Analytics.

What is the duration of the course?

SAS is a 25 hour live training + 2 hours live Q&A session + 1-hour student case study solution and presentation.

Will the course fit in my Budget?

The remuneration which you would be receiving as a SAS programmer will ensure your budget size increases by 10 times.

To learn comprehensive SAS, R and Python, click here.

What after completion of course?

Irizpro ensures total assistance right from the first day of your course till preparing you for the interview.

Everything comes to you at the right time! So, if it has come into your thoughts then this is the right time for you to invest in a future programmer. Keep going, keep growing!


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