When the windows are set up in the international shops, and stakeholders have presence which spans the globe, mere ‘Technical skills’ are truly not enough!

Today’s professional has to manage the upkeep of internal as well as external customers. This is just the line of difference between successful and mediocre performances. Hence, to bridge this gap, and lead your employees on the path of ‘performance par excellence’, IRIZPRO has come up with a training programme which addresses ‘under the skin’ issues of professional world.

Our curriculum is set up in such a way that one gets to improvise her performance at both personal and professional spheres.

These are high impact, practical workshops/sessions aimed at efficient execution along with increasing the strategic aptitude of participants. Our training modules along with our methodologies provide for deeper growth for our trainees.

In addition, we offer complete flexibility in choosing your area specific course(s).

The art of being articulate

Leadership Skills

Presentation Skills

Leading “High Performance” Teams

Coaching Skills

Conflict Management

Program Highlights and Learning Outcomes are listed below for your perusal:

Name of the SessionScope and Strategies Duration
The Art of being Articulate• Effective Communication control
• The small talk
• Communication noise and barriers and overcoming them
5 hours
Leadership Skills• Vision setting,
• Identify your strengths and weaknesses (Joe-Harry Window)
• Learn to tap into opportunities,
• Setting positive examples,
• Manage negativity,
• Taking feedback constructively
1 day
Presentation Skills• Planning a presentation and overcoming fears,
• Opening attributes,
• Using sound and visual aids,
• Structure your presentation,
• Developing presentation style,
• Practical presentation
5 hours
Team Building and Management• Team Setting,
• Team Goals and visions,
• Division of Labour,
• Consistent Motivation,
• Managing a difficult member,
• Credit Sharing.
1 day
Coaching Skills• Importance of developing your staff,
• Be an inspiration,
• The stages of learning,
• Action Listening,
• Spotting individual strengths and how to compliment them.
6 hours
Conflict Management• Understanding the types of conflicts in professional environment,
• Taking a position in conflict situations,
• Typical stages of conflicts and strategies to resolve them,
• Mediating conflicts, managing negativity
5 hours