Difference Between Power BI and Tableau

The present and future world is all about data. The world of data visualization and analytics is moving fast with new players hitting the market every day. When it comes to Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools, the two names that one could think of would be Power BI and Tableau.

Power BI and Tableau are undoubtedly the two leaders in the BI market. The only question that remains is which one to choose? Well, it totally depends on your data volume and its application.

Don’t worry, you will be able to make a wise decision by the end of this blog.


What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. The aim is to provide business intelligence and interactive visualizations. It is a cloud-based service with a desktop-based interface and it also helps you to convert data from the various data source into interactive dashboards and BI reports. It also provides multiple software connectors and services.


Features of Power BI


What is Tableau?

Tableau is a data visualization tool that is used in the business intelligence industry. It can change the raw data into an understandable format without the requirements of the coding and technical skills. The data analysis is very fast in tableau. Tableau is good at connecting to any data source with a drag-and-drop interface that is easy-to-use and makes transferring the data simple and easy.


Features of Tableau

Key Differences Between Power BI and Tableau

Every business has different requirements, and the preference may vary. We will do a comparison study between the two which will help you to decide the best for your needs.



Tableau will be more expensive than Power BI when it comes to larger enterprises. To get the most out of Tableau you need to build data warehousing too which will further inflate the cost. Power BI costs almost ten times less compared to Tableau and if you are looking for an affordable solution then Power BI is the clear winner here. Overall, Power BI sits at a lower price point than Tableau, with a free version, a monthly subscription, and a scalable premium version with a higher price.


Data Visualization

If your main objective is Data Visualization, then Tableau is the most preferred choice. Tableau is the best tool when it comes to Data Visualization whereas Power BI focuses more on predictive modeling and reporting. Tableau lets you create up to 24 different visualizations and not much coding is needed for developing complex and stunning visualizations. Tableau gives you live querying capabilities while enabling you to ask ‘what if’ questions. Power BI has real-time data access, and simple drag-and-drop features and functions, it makes uploading data very simple.



The word deployment means to bring resources into effective action. When compared to Power BI, Tableau has more flexible deployment options. Power BI is a SaaS model i.e. Software as a Service whereas Tableau is available in both on-premises and cloud. When huge data is available in the cloud, Tableau produces the best result. So, in this deployment parameter Tableau is the leader.



Both the products easily integrate with most of the popular third-party data sources. Tableau still has a thin edge over Power BI when it comes to out-of-the-box integrations.


User Interface

Tableau has a slick user interface that enables the user to create a customized dashboard easily. Power BI has a more intuitive interface and is much simpler to learn than Tableau. It’s due to the simplicity and ease of use, why business users prefer Power BI.


Both Power BI and Tableau doesn’t work on the same ideologies and principles. So, it is challenging for us to decide which is best. It completely depends upon the business needs and requirements. The above parameters are beneficial for the user to decide what to choose. Need help with your Data Visualization needs? Our Irizpro Experts are ready to help you with Tableau and Power BI courses!


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