Irizpro is committed to a learning system which empowers sales professionals across industries and across markets. We understand that no two organizations/markets/departments or sales professionals are same, thus, our training programmes are uniquely designed so that you get to choose what suits you the most.

This fun induced, high-energy, high-impact customer service excellence program comes with modules which provides practical insights into improving the quality of daily transactions of the agents/executives/officers. The program focuses not only on the people but also on the skill set agents need to connect better with customers and provide an exceptional customer experience through empathy and taking ownership of customer’s issues, using customer centric strategies to solve business challenges promoting customer loyalty and building customer centric bridges


  1. Making Telephonic Conversations – With a marked difference between inbound and outbound centres.
  2. Script Development for different types of Outbound Calls
  3. Accent Neutralisation
  4. Time Management
  5. Voice Modulation
  6. Cultural Sensitisation
  7. Self Motivation

We allow for complete customization of our modules by our clients. As our client, you can choose to combine/bifurcate any of the above mentioned ones.

The training is followed up a continuous assessment at regular time intervals of :

  1. 3 months
  2. 6 months.

This assessment provides for deeper understanding of growth needs of our trainees. Besides our policy for continuous assessment and confidential relative ranking ensures that sales professionals experience what they always gear at – healthy competition and winning attitude.