5 Tips to Select an Ideal Corporate Training Company in Pune

Pune has long been known as an IT centre. In addition, it is currently home to a variety of different industries. Pune is home to a slew of national and multinational corporations that have either established or relocated their headquarters. This is also one of the reasons why there are so many corporate training organizations in Pune right now.

If you are a company in Pune searching for the best corporate training company/provider to help your company grow, you have a lot of possibilities. In reality, determining which corporate training company is the best and will be able to meet your objectives has become challenging! That’s probably why you came across this post in the first place!

So, without any further blabber, let me walk you through those 5 highly important tips to keep in mind while selecting a Corporate Training Provider for your Employees.

1. Do they Have Experience in the Market?

It is critical to have prior experience. There are only a few corporate training organizations in the industry that have been able to stay afloat throughout time. As a result, always ask how long the company has been in business.

The more experience you have working with various types of clientele for various demands, the better. If it’s relevant to you, you might ask the company to provide the training sessions they’ve held in your industry.

2. What is the Quality of their Training?

Trainers and advisors of high calibre. This is quite significant. Trainers are the ones that will genuinely cater to the developmental wants at the end of the day. As a result, constantly assess the trainers and consultants, including their experience and previous work.

Also, if you get the opportunity, chat with some of the individuals the trainer has previously coached.

3. Do they Customize their Content regularly?

Unfortunately, we continue to see generic and one-size-fits-all kind of content in classrooms all around the world.

Participants’ capacity to connect the learning to their day-to-day lives and practice in a safe environment before heading out into the real world is critical to effective learning. How can we expect them to do any better once they’ve been trained?

When choosing a training provider, make sure that key components of the program, such as case studies, role-plays, examples, and vocabulary, are customized.

4. Do they provide Hybrid Learning Support?

Learning does not take place solely in the classroom. Almost everyone has a different learning style. A multi-channel, multi-modal approach to learning is required for effective learning.

Classroom sessions, “live” webinars, post-training reinforcement coaching, online learning modules, Q&A sessions, podcasts/audio, and e-mail reinforcement must all be blended to create an effective learning journey.

5. Do they provide the Learning Journey and Reference Content?

The Learners need to be aware of their learning journey and get handy of the resources to refer through in future. Without such transparency, it cannot be considered as either effective teaching or effective learning.

Make sure to get the clear-cut learning content and the resource material (wherever applicable) to also make it a one-stop post reference material for your Employees.

Use this short-list as a checklist the next time you’re looking for a training provider.

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Author: Sravani Kinjarapu

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