5 Reasons to Implement Induction Training for New Hires

Back in the day, companies used to be able to afford to let new workers slowly learn on the job. However, workers at that time were expected to start and finish their careers at the same company.

Of course, neither of these statements is valid now. Over the course of their careers, workers frequently switch positions, therefore employers want new hires to be productive as soon as feasible.

In this arena, providing new hires with all the organizational knowledge and job skills is necessary for their new jobs, and an employee induction training program can help move things along more quickly. This has also slowly become a major factor for retaining good employees.

In this post, we are going to discuss the 5 most important reasons why you should implement effective induction training for the welfare of your business and your employees.

5 Reasons to Implement Induction Training for New Hires

1. Sets the Environment Ready for the Employee

Nobody is comfortable with the changes in life, and it applies even at work. When an employee switches his/her career or when a person is getting into his first job, he/she would generally be confused and as well as curious about their new job and role. As a company, you shouldn’t disappoint them.

Induction is such an initiative that sets the mindset for the new hires and clears all their concerns about their journey with you. This program will give them a sense of importance in their new workplace and will also make them feel important for the welcoming gesture.

2. Shows and Imparts the Professionalism

Regardless of the industry, every workplace is different in its unique culture and ethical standpoints. This change can be difficult for the new employees to take note of, without induction. Conducting an induction program that covers the organisational policies, ethics, culture and expectations can give your employees clarity and helps them set their goals accordingly.

This will impart better communication and coordination with the existing employees of your company and reduces the gap to get acquainted.

3. Increases the Productivity of the employee

When the new hires are provided with enough knowledge and clarity of what is expected from them, they will automatically make up their mind to give the best of their capabilities. An induction program is meant to increase the confidence and enthusiasm of the new employees thereby setting up the path for their career growth in your company.

In your induction, you can also provide healthy targets for your employees that will help them excel in their careers. Doing so can drastically create a major difference for already high-performing employees and also will generate passion for their jobs for freshers.

4. Improves Retention

Who wouldn’t like a company that warmly welcomes them on their onboarding, and provides them with immense learning opportunities and great career growth?

Hence, Induction training is one such crucial aspect considered for retaining employees. Training programs will make your employees feel important. When you treat your employees with care, they will care for you and retention would never seem to be a major problem.

5. Reduces Costs for the Company

Many companies feel that providing training to their employees is an expensive and burdensome process, but until reality hits them they wouldn’t know the precious outcomes that an induction program would generate.

If you do not train your employees properly and do not mind caring about their growth, they will obviously feel demotivated and overlooked. This will create a major impact in their performance that can unpredictably create major issues in the overall business operations. Your employees are your company’s backbone.

If you do not work on their well-being, you should be ready to bear the costs of failure in internal operations, workplace culture, productivity, retention, and compliance. These damages create more harm than conducting frequent training programs.


An efficient induction program demonstrates the company’s dedication to making its employees feel appreciated. A new hire’s concerns and confusion are allayed during induction. In the end, a well-planned induction procedure helps the business by increasing work satisfaction, performance, and staff retention.

If you are craving to get the best out of your employees, conducting frequent training programs is the crucial step to consider. Make your employees feel valued and get the value.

If you have made up your mind about this initiative, Irizpro can be the best guide for all your employee training needs at every step. Contact us today and get a free consultation. And to know more about the employee training programs and other related content, check out our blog page.



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